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Tourist-Information Magdeburg
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The Port of Science in Magdeburg

Neben Ausgründungen aus der Universität und einigen Dienstleistern ist das ifak - Institut für Automation und Kommunikation größter Mieter in der Denkfabrik im Magdeburger Wissenschaftshafen.An old port is transforming the face of a city. The „Port of Science“ is located in
the direct vicinity of the university campus. An area of about 30 ha situated next to
a historic port basin has been converted into a science quarter with institutes and
technology-oriented enterprises. Historic cranes as well as old warehouses and silo
buildings lend the Port of Science area a unique flair.

  • A location for research and innovative companies by the river Elbe and in close proximity to the university
  • Expansion into a centre for the transfer of knowledge and innovation
  • A concentration of start-ups founded by university members and companies new to the Magdeburg area
  • Space for: residential accommodation, services, leisure and tourism
  • Already successfully established: the "Think Tank", the Virtual Development and Training Centre (VDTC) and the Elbe Office