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Tourist-Information Magdeburg
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Night watchman tour - 1h

"Hark ye people, let me tell you our bell has told seven" („Hört ihr Leut‘ und lasst euch sagen unsre Glock hat sieben geschlagen“) with this call the night watchman welcomes his guests and invites them on a tour through the nightly Magdeburg.
Nachtwächterführung ©Magdeburg Marketing, Foto A. Lander
The tour starts at the Monastery of Our Lady, goes by the tower "Kiek in  de Koeken" and the Fürstenwall and ends with the Möllen­vogtei­garten and the cathedral square.
every 4th friday of a month
7 p.m.
1 hour
7,00 € per person
3,50 € for children (6 to 14 years), people with disability (from 50 % degree of disability) and a registered accompanying person

1,00 € discount with Magdeburg Tourist Card and other discount cards
Meeting point
Monastery of Our Lady (north entrance)
End of route
Please note

Limited accessibility for people with handicaps: parts with steep gradients and cobblestone pavement

From October to April advance registration is necessary

Additional Information