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otto for schools

This tour will take school children through the history of Magdeburg, from the medieval past of its cathedral and monastery to its role as an important city in the present day.

Kinder auf Elbschaukel ©Kai Spaete, Magdeburg Marketing

Guidet Tour

1,5 hours
70,00 € per school group


Guided Bus Tour

this tour can also be taken by (own) bus

Conditions for all programs

The following information applies to all tours:
We will also be happy to organise a bus/coach for you on request (and can even provide an American school bus!). Please also feel free to contact us to request a customised tour itinerary to suit your individual requirements.

Please note: 

Guided city tours are available in English, French, Spanish, Hungarian, Russian and Arabic at an additional charge as listed. The Tourist-Information Magdeburg (TIM) is the official starting point for all tours. Our tour guides can, however, also pick up your group from other locations in the city for an extra charge of € 20 (respectively € 35 from outside of Magdeburg).

We charge a processing fee of € 40 for individually designed tours stretching beyond the borders of the city and a fee of € 8 for the provision of each additional service not listed in our standard tour programmes. Booked tour programmes (for tours in German) can be extended for an additional charge of € 25 per hour per group. Other additional services are available on request and at an extra charge.

A waiting fee of € 35 per half hour will be charged if a group is late. The prices of the “Weiße Flotte” or the “Magdeburger Verkehrsbetriebe” public transport company apply for the organisation of boat trips with the “Weiße Flotte” and guided tours involving tram journeys where applicable. The hire price for tour guides is € 50 per group for up to a maximum of 2 hours and € 25 per group for each additional hour.



Contact group tourism / B2B

Contact information

Contact for tour operators and Coach Tourism

Annett Gassauer

Annett Gassauer ©R WeberPhone: 0391 8380 120
Fax: 0391 8380 397






Miriam SchäferPhone: 0391 8380 118
Fax: 0391 8380 397






Mensing Herman webPhone: 0391 8380 119
Fax: 0391 8380 397






Contact for individual groups

Stefanie Deckert

Stefanie Deckert

Phone: +49 391 63601-401 
Fax: +49 391 63601-430 

Anna Giese

Giese Anna web

Phone: +49 391 63601-407 
Fax: +49 391 63601-430 

Antje Losse

Antje Losse

Phone: +49 391 63601-408 
Fax: +49 391 63601-430