Messe + Kongress Termine 2020

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Tourist-Information Magdeburg
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Information concerning public authorities

  • The public health department has set up a hotline concerning the coronavirus, available from Monday to Friday, 8am to 4pm  at 0391 540 2000. E-Mails can be sent to

  • Citizens' administrative office: Prior booking of appointments is necessary. Please use the online booking system ( or make a request via phone number 115 or e-mail ( by specifying your name, request and telephone number. Please note that admission is only possible having an appointment and at the earliest 5 minutes before the appointment.  

  • Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, contact to the foreigners' registration office (Ausländerbehörde) is reduced to prior appointments until further notice. Requests for appointments or any other requests can be sent by post or by e-mail to Restricted  access will be permitted only for certain purposes of appointment. All requests are to be made in written form in the first instance. You will be given a date of appointment if necessary.

  • Civil registry office (Standesamt): consulting service, information and appointments via phone (monday-friday between 9 and 12 am) or e-mail.  In case of writing an e-mail please specify your phone number. If an appointment ist made please bring your appointment confirmation and show it to the security service at the entrance.

    Contact details depending on the kind of request: 

    Registration of marriages and recognition of foreign divorces, phone: 0391 540 4225 und -4221

    Registration of birth within the last 3 years and acknowledgement of paternity, phone: 0391 540 4215

    Register of deaths, phone: 0391 540 4216

    Leaving of the Church and request of marriage certificate, phone:  0391 540 4226

    Extracts from the register of births via homepage for certificates or e-mail:, phone: 0391 540 4223

  • Integration and language courses will restarted in February, depending on the capacities to ensure hygiene requirements. Please contact your course provider in case of doubt. DTZ and LID exams will continuously take place. Click here for free online German courses.

  • Urgent face-to-face consultations in Jobcenter and Agentur für Arbeit Magdeburg have been resumed. You can still call the hotline, send letters, or use online tools to submit documents. For most urgent matters individual solutions will be provided. For further information see => Jobcenter    => Agentur für Arbeit

  • The social security and housing office (Sozial- und Wohnungsamt) has expanded its consultation hours for emergency cases from 6 July 2020. Please contact the office by  e-mail ( or telephone (0391 540 3670 and 0391 540 3671). Appointments can be made only if appearance in person is required. Please attend alone if possible, keep minimum distance and wear a face mask for your appointment.

  • The youth welfare office (Jugendamt) can be contacted by e-mail ( or  phone: 0391 540 3145 or 0391 540 3105. Personal appointments are made only if matters cannot be settled by e-mail oder telephone.