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Tourist-Information Magdeburg
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Der VogelgesangparkThe Vogelgesangpark (bird song park) is only a stone's throw away from the Magdeburg zoo.
The first of its kind was created in the 14th century by a nearby monastery and mainly consisted of an area covered by trees and bushes. In fact, the name Vogelgesang (bird song) dates back to the Middle Ages when thickets and woods were seen as places where birds used to sing. In the course of time the park was devastated and destroyed several times. However, each time it was restored again. In 1722 it was, for the first time, opened to the public and ever since it has been a meeting place for the peasants and simple people. After the area was bought off the monastery in 1841 by the city of Magdeburg, the park was created to its present guise.

The vast green spaces, the special theme gardens such as a rose garden with pergola and fountain, the lower garden, the heather-clad slopes and the valley of rhododendrons deserve a special mention

Size: 21 ha incl. zoo
Opening hours: free access, open all year
Admission: free, dogs must be kept on leash at all times
Parking facilities
Wheelchair access to main areas

Tram no. 10, Zoo stop